Domain Registration

Domain Transfer to IDR

If you wish to transfer your domain registration to IDR, you will need your EPP code or Authorization password for your domain name from your current registrar. Once you have this code you can go here to start the transfer of your domain name to Canadian Domain Name Services. If you need help with getting your authorization code for your domain name registration from your current registrar, please contact us for help. We would be glad to assist you in dealing with your current registrar.

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Domain Transfer away from IDR

You will need your EPP code or Authorization password for your domain name. You can get this by logging in to your account and clicking on the manage domain button for the domain name. Once you have this code you can go to your new registrar to start the transfer

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Domain Renewal

You will first need to log into your account. Once logged on you can then go here to select the domain names in your account to renew. A domian name can only have a max registration term of 10 years. So for example if you registered a domain name for 10 years and the next day tried to renew it for 1 more year, the system will reject the request.

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IDN (Internationalized Domain Name)

IDNs provide the opportunity to Registrants to register domain names correctly in different languages.

When a domain name works with any letters beyond the a-z, 0-9 and hyphens, it's called an Internationalized Domain Name (IDN).

How Does IDN work? Non-ASCII Unicode characters are transformed into a special sequence of ASCII characters, using character normalization and a Punycode algorithm. When an application such as web browser or email client sees a non-ASCII character in a host or domain name, the application converts the label with the Unicode character into an A-Label again, using character normalization and the Punycode algorithm. So as far as the DNS system is concerned, all domain names are just ASCII.
Here is a French character IDN example as it would appear in a zone file:

trè is converted to:

The special marker ('xn--') is added to the beginning of the A-label containing non-ASCII characters to show that the label was not originally ASCII.

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Account Management

Move a domain to new account

If you wish to move some or all of your domain registrations from your current account to a new IDR account, you will need manage the domain you wish to move under your current account. On the domains management page there is a button to Change Ownership of domain, click that to begin. A page will be displayed asking if you wish to only move this domain or all of the domains under your account to either a new account which you will create or an existing account. You will need to provide a new username and password or the existing accounts credentials you wish to move domains to depending on the option you choose.

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URL Forwarding

How do I access/setup URL forwarding?

You can access the URL forwarding page by logging into your account and then clicking on the "Manage" button beside the domain name in your domain list that is displayed on your accounts main page. This will take you to your domain management page. You will see a URL Forwarding button there. Click that to manage the URL forwarding for your domain name.

Make sure your domain name has our nameservers assigned to your domain name:

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My URL forwarding isn't working

There can be a number of reasons why URL forwarding isn't working for your domain name. Please check the following:

  • Make sure only the URL forwarding nameservers are assigned to your domain name. The URL forwarding nameservers are,, You can check this by clicking to Manage your domain from your list and looking under the Nameserver section that is displayed.
  • The first time you activate the URL forwarding service you must allow 30 minutes minimum up to 48 hours maximum for the service to start working. This assumes that you have our nameservers assigned to your .ca domain name
  • If your domain name has expired then any nameservers on your domain name will not be functioning to resolve your domain to our service.
  • If your domain name is not with us as your registrar, or is transferred away, the service will not work for your domain.
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General Help

Error Messages

If you receive an error message at the top of the page in a grey box that you are unsure about. Please copy the error message and email it to us. We will take a look into the error and respond to you.

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Forgot login info

You can have the account password sent to you by going to the forgot password page and entering a domain name you have with us. The account info will be sent out to your accounts email address. If the accounts email address is defunct you will have to contact us and we may require you to send us photo id's or incorporation papers to prove your identity.

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My account email address is defunct and I lost my password

Please go here to complete the necessary form to gain access to your domain name registrations account.

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Web Hosting

How do I order web hosting for my domain name?

You can order web hosting for your domain name by first logging into your domain registration account here. Once logged in you will see two tabbed lists below your account info. A "Registered Domain List" and a "Hosted Domain List". Make sure you select the "Registered Domain List" and then click the Manage button in the action column for your domain. From here you will be on your domains management page. Click the order hosting button on the page to be taken to the web hosting selection page.

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How do I access the web hosting admin panel for my domain name?

You can access the web hosting admin panel for your domain name by first logging into your domain registration account here. Once logged in you will see two tabbed lists below your account info. A "Registered Domain List" and a "Hosted Domain List". Make sure you select the "Hosted Domain List". From here if your hosting account has been fully setup and activated your domain name should be listed as a hyperlink you can click. By clicking this link you will be taken to the hosting servers login panel where you can login using the credentials that should have been emailed to you once your hosting account was activated.

*NOTE* Make sure your domain name has our nameservers assigned to your domain name:


End-user frequently asked questions about Change of Registrant for ICANN domains (COR)

In the interface, the Account Information is the Registrant Information. It can only be updated on the active domain in your profile. If you only have one domain, you don't need to worry about that. For those with multiple domains if you wish a bulk Change of Registrant (COR), you should contact us to perform that for you. To change the Registrant Contact information for a single domain, first choose that domain from your list by clicking on manage for that domain. Then click on Account and Account Settings.

Q: What would trigger this change of registrant process?
A: Making any change to the first name, last name, organization field, or email within the registrant contact object, will start the process. An approval email will go out to both the old and new registrants.

Q: What happens if it’s not an actual transfer but minor updates to first name, last name, email or organization field?
A: As of March 31, 2020, any change to any of those fields will begin the change of registrant process.

Q: Who has to approve the change of registrant request?
A: Both the new and the prior registrant need to approve the change of registrant request.

Q: What if I am both the old and the new registrant?
A: You will be required to approve the change of registrant request twice.

Q: What happens if the new registrant approves the request but the old registrant denies the request?
A: This will cancel the whole request and the whois will revert back to the previous registrant’s info.

Q: What happens if the new registrant denies the request?
A: Then the change of registrant request is canceled and the previous whois info remains the same.

Q: What happens if I am the new registrant and I do not receive the email request to approve the change of registrant?
A: Your domain provider will be able to resend the email, otherwise the process will timeout. You will need to start the process again using a different email address.

Q: How long does the new registrant have to approve the request before it expires/times out?
A: 7 days from the change request.

Q: What happens if I submit another change of registrant request when one is currently pending?
A: The first request will be cancelled.

Q: What if I don’t have access to my old email address?
A: Your domain provider can explicitly send a link via SMS to the phone number that they have on file. This will allow you to approve the change of registrant request.

Q: What happens if the number on file is not a mobile phone number?
A: Depending on the service we use, we may be able to use features available that can contact registrants at a landline. Otherwise, it is recommended to update the phone number field with a mobile number.

Q: After a Change of Registrant, are there any restrictions on transferring that name?
A: If you want to transfer registrars and change the registrant at the same time, you should transfer the domain first, and then the change the registrant. Failure to do so will result in your domain being locked for 60 days.

Q: Is there anyway to opt out of the 60 day lock after a change of registrant is applied?
A: Yes, you should contatct us to have us perform the change of Registrant for you, and we can opt out of the 60 days transfer lock through our Registrar Interface

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