What is your domain?

The .com and .net domain names of old are no longer the premier domain spaces of todays web. The doors have been flung open, and a new set of domain names are set to take over the Internet.

Are you a Green Energy company or startup that focuses on using solar technology? .SOLAR is the domain for you to advertise to the world that: .SOLAR energy is our domain!

Perhaps you are a .PHOTOGRAPHY buff that wants to share your great .PHOTOS with everyone, maybe even have some of them displayed in a .GALLERY one day. Or are you just a quick .PICS kind of person? See what we did there? With these new domain names you can reach out and tell people right away what your web site is about and that this is: Your domain of expertise.

What are you waiting for? Become the master of your domain .UNIVER... ok they don't have .UNIVERSE, yet. But you can be the master of your .UNO - verse!